stefanie kraus d e s i g n

" Stefanie was an absolute joy to work with. She is focused and diligent, and utterly trustworthy about delivery of work. She is an extremely positive presence, and generally a pleasure to have as part of a small team. "
- Cathy Edwards, Entrepreneur
" She was able to build upon our existing user centered design culture and take it to the next level. Stefanie is an incredibly hard worker, is inspiring for the team to be around & loves what she does. "
- Ben Keighran, Entrepreneur
"A huge percentage of the wisdom I've acquired over the past 15 months is directly due to working with Stefanie. Never have I worked with a colleague (or boss) who was able to wield such a potent combination of talent, class, tact, quality, subtle vision and consistency in her work as Stefanie. "
- Matt Weldon, Director of UX