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Sanctuary Help is a hub for animal sanctuaries and individuals
to connect with each other, providing help in the form of tools,
funding, space for the animals, transportation vehicles, etc.


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The Problem

There is no efficient way for sanctuaries to share their needs or offers, which creates problems such as:

An example of what currently happens is that a sanctuary gets a call about 2 lions that are in need of rescue, but they don't have the space available, so they have to relay the information to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) who then has to relay it out to individual sanctuaries that might have space for lions. GFAS lists all of the accredited sanctuaries and provides a lot of resources for accredited sanctuaries, as well as having someone who knows the sanctuaries and fields emailed requests currently, but it should be available to others and not reliant on one person's time for juggling such info.
If none of the accredited sanctuaries have space, then nothing happens and the animals continue to suffer because there is no way for unaccredited facilities to know about the plight of the animals.
If one of the accredited facilities does have space, they often will need someone to provide transport, someone to donate the use of transport wagons, someone to fund it, some vet, in the state where the animals are, who will bring sedation drugs that cannot be transported across state lines, and who can issue the health certificates for travel across state lines.

This often involves a dozen entities, including several sanctuaries helping each other, local law enforcement, USDA and concerned citizens, and the email trails back and forth become a nightmare to sort out.

Our Goal


To create a free social resource that will facilitate valuable interactions
between those committed to animal welfare.



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