the team


Sanctuary Help was created by two individuals in their free time, motivated by a strong interest in positively assisting animal organizations. We believe in making a difference through actions, not just words.



stefanie kraus

Stefanie Kraus

Stefanie is a User Experience Designer with a passion for animal welfare. During a three month internship at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, she learned about the challenges sanctuaries are facing and about the need for a sanctuary network. Back in the Bay Area, she used her spare time and design skills to create and implement Sanctuary Network.

Stefanie lives in Berkeley with her husband, Michael, and their rescue cats, Jojo and Simon. She also serves as a board member with Berkeley Humane and volunteers at her local shelter on the weekends.



michael hall

Michael Hall

A technology professional by day, Michael has had a lifelong passion for helping animals. He was responsible for setting up Sanctuary Network's infrastructure, and hopes this site can be of service to those committed to helping animals.

Michael doesn't like his picture being taken, so we used a photo of his cat, Simon, instead ;-)



We welcome feedback from the community, and we want to make the site as useful as possible for everyone. We might not be able to make changes or add features as quickly as we would like, but we will do our best. For feedback or ideas, please email us at




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