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Apple: iTunes & App Store (2012)

my role

As a Senior Product Designer on the iTunes team, I redesigned the search experience on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, desktop) for both iTunes and the App Store. To convey my designs to the executive team, I created interactive prototypes in Keynote, including detailed transitions and flows.


During usability studies at Chomp, we learned that people search for apps by function in their browser. Once they found what they were looking for, they would type the app name into the search box of the App Store. The basic list of results forced them to pogo-stick, if they wanted to learn more about an app.


In addition to a cleaner and more simplified design, we followed the visual metaphor of cards that we established at Chomp.
For both the App Store and iTunes, we introduced hints and suggestions to make it easier and quicker for people to find what they were looking for.

Apple AppStore for iPhone
Apple AppStore for iPad

iTunes desktop

We explored displaying search results in-line instead of grouped by type (album, song, video...). While this would have allowed for better ranking, it turned out to be visually very noisy and hard to scan. Below is the final design as well as a few earlier explorations.

Apple iTunes Desktop Final Apple iTunes Desktop Explorations