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Chomp: app search (2011)

my role

Owned end-to-end design (user flows, wireframes, visual design, production work, style guides) for the native iPhone and Android apps, as well as the mobile and desktop version of the website. In addition, I led and executed an extensive user research program, including weekly usability studies, focus groups and online surveys.


The main requirement was was to make app discovery inviting and fun and to increase user engagement. This was achieved by providing a clear focus on search, simplifying the overall experience and making the app visually compelling.


I lead usability studies before and during the design process to get a good understanding of peoples needs and to find roadblocks or show stoppers early on. I was able to use data from our previous iPhone app to see whether there are features than can be de-prioritized, such as watch-list or following other people. For the Android app, I made use of Android-specific UI components, such as using a bolder, more flat visual style and making sure that the app scales into all formats for various devices.
The reaction from users, developers and the press were outstanding and our overall rating in the App Store increased from 3 to 4 stars.

Chomp iPhone
Chomp wireframes
Chomp android
Chomp mobile

Chomp: website (2012)


To bring app discovery into the Chomp home page, and to create a framework where people can easily find apps for their platform. In addition, have a clear value proposition for potential partners.


I came up with various concepts that allowed users to play with the content and discover apps easily. We thought about flows, transitions, a low-friction user experience and a very clear value proposition for potential partners.

Chomp site wireframes
Chomp site exploration