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Hotel Tonight: HTx (2015)

my role

As the design lead for HTx, the platform that allows hotels to manage inventory on Hotel Tonight, I redesigned the desktop app and also created a solution for mobile. In addition, I established regular on-site user studies with our partners, to make sure that all design solutions were in line with their business needs.


While the consumer facing Hotel Tonight app is following very high design standards, HTx had not been prioritized for some time. It was hard to use, the UX was inconsistent and the visual design was not on-brand. We also learned through our ethnographic studies that hotel managers are often away from their computer. The market fluctuates throughout the day, and, in order to stay competitive, managers need to be able to react quickly. While the web app works very well for desktop, it is hard to use on a mobile device.


In addition to an overall design cleanup and the introduction of a style guide, I visited several of our partners to learn more about their day-to-day operations. I also lead a cross-functional exercise where we defined a story map, which helped to prioritize features in the future.

Hotel Tonight Desktop
Hotel Tonight Store Map


To allow for revenue managers to react to market changes quickly, we decided to create a simplified mobile experience. The focus is around tasks that need to be done frequently, such as changing room price, adding rooms, or closing out for the day.

Hotel Tonight