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Nonprofit Organizations

why nonprofit organizations?

As a volunteer, marketing chair and Board member, I have been involved with a number of animal welfare organizations throughout the years. Next to UX design, animals have been my “other passion” for a long time, and people often ask what design and animal advocacy have in common.
After pondering this question, I realized that there are many parallels:

  • The most important skill for UX Designers is empathy for the end user, while animal advocacy requires empathy and compassion for animals.
  • Being able to wear many hats and to work under resource constraints is necessary in both, the startup world and nonprofits.
  • Creating a product strategy that has the highest impact on the consumer is similar to defining a marketing strategy that helps the most animals.
  • Storytelling through design and visual communication is key in both areas.
  • Interaction and visual design consistency creates a strong product, while brand consistency creates trust in an organization.

how can I help you?

From branding, to websites to single event flyers, I can help you with every aspect of your online or print design needs, such as:

  • Website audit and full website design
  • Website implementation and maintenance
  • Brand strategy and style guide
  • Newsletter design
  • Graphic design for flyers, brochures or thank you cards
  • Photography
  • Logo design
  • Social media and Google AdWords strategy

If you are a nonprofit organization focusing on animal welfare, I would love to talk!


Sanctuary Help (2014)

the project

Platform to connect sanctuaries with people and organizations who can help.


After volunteering at Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Florida, I learned about the need for a network focused on sanctuaries. The requirements were very specific, and none of the out-of-the box systems seemed to fit. I came up with a PRD, flow, wireframes and visual design but didn't know how to create and manage a database.


We found, a third party provider that fit our needs. The biggest challenge was to customize the site and to overwrite their css, but we ended up doing such a good job that knack ended up featuring us on their homepage :-)

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I.C.A.R.U.S. (2016)

the project

Website for international conservation summit.


When I started the project, we only had a few weeks left before the summit took place in Costa Rica. My client was busy with organizing the actual event, and the content of the site was in flux.


I decided to use Weebly as a platform, since it was free and very quick to make updates. My goal was to create a destination for participants of the summit, where they could learn about the location, schedule, transportation and also connect with each other.
The summit was a great success, and many people commented on how professional the site felt.

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Cat Town: styleguide (2016)

the project

Brand guidelines to ensure consistency around language and visual communication.


When I joined Cat Town as a Board member and marketing committee chair, the organization had no clearly defined voice. Volunteers had created marketing materials without any guidance, including social media posts and a newly launched website. In addition, potential donors and the general community were unclear about the relationship between Cat Town, the rescue and the Cat Town Cafe.


I talked to stakeholders and created a survey to find out which brand values resonated with the team. Based on the findings, we came up with font styles, colors and proper usage of the logo, photography and illustrations. In addition, we tightened up the vision and mission statement. View Styleguide

Cat Town Oakland

Berkeley Humane: website (2014)

the project

Website audit with the goal to strengthen the brand, and cultivate donors.

challenge had been redesigned by an agency, but ongoing maintenance and site updates was not part of the project. Our internal marketing team had done a good job updating the website, but it had become cluttered and lost focus.


Working very closely with the Director of Communications, I did a website audit, and proposed changes to the site. Tightening up the landing page and adding interactive features were some of the outcomes. After relaunch, we were able to increase online donations and volunteer sign-ups.

Berkeley Humane Society

HFA: website (2012)

the project

Website redesign and rebranding.


The Humane Farming Associations website was designed and implemented in 1999, and had not been changed since then. The look was outdated, the color scheme did not represent the organization, and loading times were slow.


Since the client wanted to keep the existing structure, we mostly focused on an overhaul of the visual design. I also implemented the design with css/html, and made sure that the site was optimized for SEO. In addition, I created a small tutorial for the Marketing team, so they could easily make updates to the site themselves.