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UDL: shopping research (2016)

my role

As the founding member and only designer of the Undecidable Labs team, I was responsible for all aspects of the design process. This includes product strategy, usability studies, interaction design, visual design and prototyping.


When people buy high-value products that require complex technical tradeoffs, they often feel stressed and don't know where to start. Through user research and interviews, we learned that customers use a variety of tools (Google search, blog posts, review sites, in-store visits, spreadsheets…) to educate themselves around the product space, and that it takes about 16 hours of research before consumers make a major purchase.


The purchase research tool offers education around the product space and allows people to customize their shortlist based on individual needs and preferences. By introducing a filtering system that includes nice-to-have or ideal, the order of results becomes more meaningful.

Undecidable Labs
Undecidable Labs


While we initially focused on the desktop experience, we quickly found out that 40% of people were accessing our tool on a mobile device. We realized that there is a much stronger need for a mobile experience as we thought. I came up with a simplified flow and a design optimized for small screens, which helped telling our story to investors.

Undecidable Labs Undecidable Labs
Undecidable Labs